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Circus Arts: The perfect way to wow your event guests!

Iron City Aerial specializes in versatility!  Whether you need an installation-style hoop performance for your gala or art studio event, or a dynamic, high-energy silk performance for your corporate event or private party, they can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.  Performances and costuming are tailored to your unique event and venue.


Safety is always the most important thing when booking an aerialist.  All of our aerialists are insured through Specialty Insurance Agency.



Aerial Silks

Aerial Hoop

Static Trapeze

Static or Dance Trapeze

Champagne Pouring


Duo Routines


Aerial Sling

Corde  Lisse / Rope

Group Performances

Rigging on site


Our equipment can be hung from a rig point on-site, such as an exposed ceiling beam.  The point must be capable of bearing a load of at least 2,000 lbs, verified by a structural engineer.  For aerial silks, at least 18 ft. of vertical space is recommended.  For aerial hoop or hammock, at least 14 ft. of vertical space is recommended, more if you'd like our aerialists to hang above your guests.  In most cases, a 6 ft. radius of horizontal space around the apparatus is required.




Rates vary depending on your needs.  Every event is unique and therefore we  try to accommodate each one on an individual basis.

 Contact us for a quote!

Aerial rig


Don't have an on-site rig point?  No problem!  We have a portable aerial rig, adjustable up to 24 ft. high.  The rig has 4 flat feet, so it can be set up on nearly any surface, including grass, carpet, or concrete!  The feet are adjustable, so we can even account for uneven ground.  Here are some approximate footprints of the rig based on how high it's set:

24' high - 18' x 24' footprint

20' high - 16' x 22' footprint

18' high - 14' x 20' footprint

14' high - 12' x 18' footprint

*These are only examples; heights in between these settings are available.



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